About Ten Seconds of Silence

Regardless of what is going on in the world around us, when we are at work we must be focused on the job at hand. However, what happens in our personal lives can also impact our work lives. As we know, there are multiple simultaneous global crises taking place, including a highly disruptive global health and financial crisis due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic. There is an urgent climate crisis. There is a poverty and hunger crisis. People of color are dying at the hands of white police officers. There is systemic racism and stoking of hatred, and the list of issues facing society is too long to list here. It can be challenging to be present with others and not say something about what is going on without becoming involved in heated political conversations. After a great deal of contemplation, I remembered that we can express ourselves without words. We can be present with one another in silence.

After this realization, I decided to start some of my meetings and conversations by simply saying something like "I'd like to start by offering the opportunity of uniting by sharing ten seconds of silence to reflect on the importance of equality, inclusion and fairness". So far, this simple practice has been extremely well received. I understand that other people and organizations have also started to adopt the practice.

I welcome you to join us by starting your meetings and conversations by uniting through sharing ten seconds of silence. If companies, organizations and institutions around the US and around the world joined together in silence, to keep important issues in the front of our minds, perhaps we can make a difference. Will you join us?

Thank you!

Brent Hunter